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Week 1

Good morning parents,

Welcome to Year 3, hopefully you have a wonderful and refreshing school holidays!  This blog will be used as one of the many forms of communication this year, so please check regularly.

Children have set up their homework scrapbooks which will come home today.  This week homework consists of a 'Letter to Mr McSevich' where students need to fill in the blanks and their reading log.  Students should read for at least 10 minutes per night.  Please complete the reading log in their scrapbooks to record this.

Swimming lessons - Lessons start Thursday of week 2 and run for 1 week.  We will be leaving school at 9.40am and returning to school by 12.30pm. 

Your child will need to come dressed in their sports uniform with bathers/boardies/rashie underneath and their thongs or sandals already on. 

Students will need to bring their sneakers and socks to put on after we return from swimming.

Your child will also need to bring their water bottle and recess in a zip l…