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Week 5

Welcome to week 5.

We are almost half way through this term already and it is flying!!

Last week we were able to get out and explore the reason that the sun and moon appear to be the same size even though the sun is actually so much bigger than the earth and moon. the pictures below show the students investigating perspective.

In literacy we are continuing working on persuasive texts and have commenced writing our own text to convince the reader to learn to do something.  We are learning about persuasive devices such as emotive and modal language and how to grab the readers attention with a rhetorical question.  In maths we will be finishing interpreting data.


Homework this week includes reading, with the reading log to be completed daily. We are swapping our home readers on Tuesdays so please ensure your child brings their home reader tomorrow to be swapped.  Spelling words are also coming home with a Look, Cover, Say, Write check list to be completed every night and don't fo…

Persuasive writing task

Good afternoon
I have tasked the children today with thinking of a subject and three reasons (arguments) to add to the following ;
Everyone should....../Everyone should learn........
For example, Everyone should learn to swim.

These ideas will be used in our persuasive writing task that we will be planning in class tomorrow.  Please support your child by discussing a topic they could write about and help them to think of three good arguments to support their topic.

I am not expecting the students to write anything about this at home, but to come to school tomorrow having thought about a topic and arguments.

Thanks for your support

Week 4

Welcome to Week 4

This past week we have been looking at how to PEE in our paragraphs to help us link our sentences to the main point (P for Point, E for Example and E for explain) to help persuade the reader to our point of view.  We have planned and written persuasive paragraphs on given topics and today wrote paragraphs on our own topics.  Tomorrow we will be editing and improving our paragraphs before publishing.

In maths we are working on data interpretation and today logged on to Mathletics to complete tasks that were assigned to the students.  This tool is available form any device and so in the near future I will send home log-on details to complete tasks. 

In Science we began our investigation of how night and day occur and we will be working towards building an understanding of the rotation of the earth and moon around the sun.  We tied our early understanding of the earth and moon into art this week, using chalk pastels to create some truly awesome scenes of the earth and sun …

Week 3

Welcome to week 3!

Homework this week includes our reading log and mental maths unit 3 (days 1 to 4).  Click here to see a video I made to help explain the friendly pairs addition strategy. We will mark our mental maths homework each morning, so please remember to place the book straight into your bag after finishing the homework.
I have also included sight words for your child to commence practice this week.  Please use these flash cards to assist your child quickly and accurately recall these words.  You may also like to ask them to put a few of their words into sentences.  Your child will be regularly tested on these words to see if they can progress to the next word group.


Swimming lessons are continuing this week.  Please ensure that your child has a rashie (or tshirt) to wear in the pool.  We are at the pool from 10am to 12pm where it is very hot.  Many groups are in the outside pool, with more now moving here for at least part of the lesson.  As you can imagine it is ve…

Week 2

Welcome to week 2

This week students will have both reading and mental maths homework.  Students are asked to read a book of their choice for 10 minutes per day, with this written into the reading log glued into their homework books.  Students have been asked to complete Unit 2 in the Think Mentals Mental Maths book. We have worked through the 'friendly jumps' strategy in class today, however the video attached to the link below will assist should your child be struggling with the mental strategy.  Please note, we will mark this each morning so please bring maths books daily.

Swimming lessons will commence this Thursday running for approximately 1 week.  We will be leaving school at 9.40am and returning to school by 12.30pm. 

Students will wear sports uniform for the week and your child will need to come dressed in their sports uniform with bathers/boardies/rashie underneath.  Thongs or sandals will need to be already on their feet. 

Students wil…