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Week 3

Welcome to week 3 (already!!)

NAPLAN - This begins Wednesday morning and the schedule runs as outlined below.
Wednesday 15th May - WritingThursday 16th May - ReadingWednesday 22nd May - Language ConventionsThursday 23rd May - Numeracy
Our focus is on keeping the whole week low key and stress free! We had a good chat where we talked about NAPLAN and I reminded the students that this test only tells the assessors a little about their doesn't tell them about their other talents and strengths. We talked about how all that we (myself and our parents) just ask and know that they will do their very best!  

If I can ask if you can make sure they have a good breakfast and are as organised as possible to reduce any stress or concerns.

At the end of each assessment our normal learning program will resume...the Year 3 world doesn't stop!


Reading - All reading is to be written into their new reading log, including the name of the book and number of pages and then s…

Formal Multiplication Algorithm

Today we moved from the split strategy for multiplication to the formal algorithm.  Although this uses similar concepts, it is a challenge for many people.  Can you please support your child by providing time for them to watch the video on the link provided before school tomorrow to refresh and remind them of the strategy.

Thanks for your support

Week 2

Good afternoon parents,


Mothers Day Breakfast and Mass

Please come along to our Mother's day breakfast at 7.30am in the Hall this Friday. We also have a Mass down at the church beginning at 9.30 and would love you to join us if you can.

Spelling Homework
The children will be receiving new spelling lists this week and you will notice that many of them have different coloured lists due to being in a new spelling group this term. If your child has the same coloured words they are repeating their previous spelling group to consolidate unknown sounds.  Please feel free to discuss any questions you have about their spelling or the synthetic phonics spelling approach (Diana Rigg PLD) we use at OLC.  

Maths Homework
It is expected that Unit 11 to be completed this week for homework. Maths books were handed back to the children yesterday.  We will continue with aiming to complete a unit each week and handing them on Friday mornings for me to review.  I appreciate your time to ma…