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Week 9

Good morning parents,

Welcome to week 9 which is also Holy Week.  Holy Week is a very important time in the Catholic faith as we remember and celebrate the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

On Thursday 29th March, the Year 3 & 4 students will be presenting their reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus.
There are some children that have been given a speaking part, can you please make sure that you are practicing this with your child each night. We working with them each day and asking them to remember that they need to watch the actors on stage to make sure they are in time with each other and to make sure that they are pausing during relevant times.
Some children have been given an acting part, they will know who they are. We have sourced costumes for the guards and Mary but we are asking that all other children come dressed in a simple costume reflective of the time of Jesus. They are to wear this over the top of their school uniform and are to come to school dr…

Week 8

Welcome to week 8
Last week we revisited persuasive structure, introductions and conclusions.  We also practiced using emotive language and high modality words to make sure they are very persuasive.  This culminated in writing our final persuasive piece today and we will be beginning narratives through this week.

In maths we have been working on subtraction strategies and 3d shapes where we had great fun playing with nets of 3d shapes.  Towards the end of the week we will be moving into measurement and our problem solving session.

In health we will continue to explore safety and how we can feel safe while in science we have planned and will begin our investigation into how shadows change through the day.

Homework this week involves reading, mental maths unit 8, spelling and the 4 times tables.  Please support your child to recall the 4 times tables while the attached video will assist should your child be stuck with the strategy this week.  Please watch the video and discuss w…

Week 7

Welcome to Week 7

Buddy Mass
We have a buddy mass this Wednesday at the church with the other year 3 and year 4 classes.  The mass starts at 9:30 and will be held at Our Lady of the Southern Cross church.  You are most welcome to join us.

This week we are back to our normal homework routine which includes reading log, spelling, the 4 times tables and Mental Maths Unit 7.  A link to a video to help explain the mental maths strategy is provided here.  Please watch and discuss this with your child.
The attached link will enable access of a maths game to practice the times tables.  This site can be accessed from any device and provides a tool that may be suitable to practice recall of the times tables.
Home readers are to be swapped once a week to provide opportunity to repeatedly work on words at your child's level.  Please ensure that your child is reading this nightly.  Books are to be swapped Monday, but if your child forget…

Week 6

Good afternoon
Hopefully everyone is rested and relaxed from our long weekend. 
With the short week I have decided to restrict homework to reading, mental maths unit 6 (days 1 and 2) and the 4 times tables.  I have made a video to watch to assist with the mental maths strategy which can be accessed here.

This week we will be writing our own persuasive piece on a topic of our choice and I will send home a task to complete on this tomorrow.

Thanks for your ongoing support
Sean McSevich