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Week 3

Welcome to week 3.
This week we are focused on becoming experts as we use technical language in the writing of our informative texts. In maths, we are exploring mass and how we measure and estimate an objects mass.  We will also be exploring number patterns.
In science we are working on heat and evaporation this week.

Whole School Mass - Year 3M class will be hosting a whole school mass on Friday 7th September (Week 8). If you are available, please come along to share this with the school

Stationery Items - Many students are getting low in their stationery supplies.  Please ask your child in they need any as many students have no glue, exercise books, scissors or pencils.  Also, although stationery such as Smiggle is funky and colourful, please remind your child that is for  completing assigned tasks and should not be a distraction to those around them.

Sight Words - I am hopeful of having all students tested this week.  Please assist you child by setting time aside to …

Term 3 week 2

Good afternoon and welcome to week 2 of term 3!!

Some of you may be aware that I am encouraging students to become more independent and open to work with others. This provides opportunity to have choice in their work habits, provides reward and hopefully to make and strengthen new friendships.
With this in mind, during gathering time I am very mindful of keeping my eyes on the students to step in if there are any difficulties and to support them in making good seating choices. Please don't think I am being rude if I am not very chatty!!

The students were instrumental in setting the rules around seating locations, with these including; 
Choose to sit next to someone who helps you to be at your best and who you help to be at their best.We need a new seat every week.We need to sit boy/girl where possible.There is no saving seats.Students will be supported where necessary and may lose the option for choosing their own seat in following weeks if they are breaking these rules.
Part of this i…