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Week 8 - Excursion

Good evening and welcome to week 8!  Can you believe less than 2 weeks to go!!
This Thursday we have our excursion to discover deadly.Students need to bring their own packed recess and lunch, a water bottle and wear their teal sports uniform.
Next Tuesday (10th December) is our OLC Christmas Concert.  I will send out further details closer, but please keep the date free.

On the final day of school we have the colour run. A note went home last week regarding this and bringing a white T-shirt. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email or see me.

Homework this week involves spelling and reading, so if you are told ‘we don’t have any  homework’, that is not actually true! Over the next 2 weeks we are reviewing persuasive writing and we are finishing mapping in maths.
Thanks for your ongoing support. Sean McSevich