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Week 1 Term 4

Good afternoon and welcome back to term 4.
Today we started a new unit on Biological Science, exploring the seven characteristics of all living things. This week we will continue working on our poetry unit, begin weights and mass in maths and our new art and Design and technology units.
Spelling Homework
Please support your child to practice their spelling concept and any personal words they may have this week.  You may even like to give them a break and test them either orally or on scrap paper.

Maths Homework
It is expected that Unit 30 be completed this week for homework.   I appreciate your time to mark your child's work as they complete it so that they can receive immediate feedback.  Please feel free to asterisk concepts that your child finds difficult so that I can acknowledge and cater for this for future planning and teaching.

Please support your child to practice their reading everyday, aloud if possible.  If your child says they do not have a reader, reading b…