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Week 9

Good afternoon and welcome to week 9!!

Thank you to those who were able to attend our reconciliation parent meeting and enrollment mass last week.  The kids conducted themselves brilliantly!

Well done also to all the kids for their participation in the Athletics events last Wednesday, Thursday and during our carnival last Friday! I was so proud of the way everyone got in there and had a go!  Yay 3M!

In literacy we are reading and writing poetry. 

In Maths, we have measured the school and are into using these to map the school.  As the photos show, the kids are working very hard on their communication and mapping skills.  They appear to be having a lot of fun too as they are engaged and raring to go!

Shoebox Donations - If you have not done so already, please bring these items are in as soon as possible...this is such an amazing cause and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

Jungle Book - All students will be attending the matinee tomorrow, but please do get along to …

Week 8

Good afternoon and welcome to week 8!!

This is a busy week for Year 3M.  

In literacy we are finishing our unit on information reports and starting Poetry. 

In Maths, we have commenced a large unit in which we are applying our measuring and mapping skills, as well as our teamwork and communications skills.  Over the coming week, students in groups will be surveying the senior school to produce their own maps of the school buildings and paved areas.  Students are expected to not only measure the buildings, they will need to transpose these measurements onto a mud map which they will use to produce a scale map. The students will be given the opportunity to use a number of measuring devices including meter rulers, measuring tapes and trundle wheels.  This is a big ask of the kids, but one they are already showing they are enjoying.

Shoebox Donations - If you can pretty please make sure that these items are in by this Friday (7th September)...this is such an amazing cause an…