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Good afternoon parents,

Welcome to the second last week of the term!

Christmas Play and Awards Evening - is scheduled for Wednesday 5th December commencing at 5.30pm. All students are asked to come dressed in their Christmas colours - feel free to wear antler, hats, tinsel!

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL CHRISTMAS HAMPER APPEAL – PLEASE HELP! - Each year at OLC we take time to be thankful for our blessings and to assist those in need by contributing to Christmas Hampers distributed by the St. Vincent De Paul Society. This year boxes will be located in various areas of the school and families are invited to contribute specified items. Please look out for boxes in the following areas and add to the box closest to your child’s classroom. Please give generously to support others in what can be a difficult time of the year. Thank you for your support.

Students in Years 3 ,4, 5, 6 - are asked to bring in items such as: Toiletries, such as shampoo, hairbrush, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip…

Week 7

Wow, week 7 already!! This term is flying!!

Please see below for a few reminders for the coming week.

Laptop Intention Forms - These were due today...if you have not already returned your form, can you please send it in with your child tomorrow. I have spares if you have misplaced yours.

Stationery - If you can please check in with your child if they need any stationery - please ask them about exercise books...we are running out and won't have any more to give.  

Gathering Time - Just a reminder that this is an important time for the students to get themselves organised for the day. It is very helpful if you can get them to school as close to 8.30am as possible. In light of them moving into Year 4 next year, we do ask that you encourage your child to be as independent as possible with getting their own chairs, books and belongings sorted.

Reading - If you can please make sure that your child is reading out loud to you each night. 
Spelling - Students are to complete a L…

Week 6

Good morning parents,

Welcome to week 6...I am sure that you are all exhausted after a very busy fete weekend! Thank you to our class reps for all their hard work coordinating everything and a huge thank you to you all for all your hard work!

Sickness - You may have heard about Gastro going around.  I have not had any reports from within the class, but the dreaded tummy bug has started to make the rounds here at OLC after having a huge impact at Dunsborough Primary. I am very mindful of how unpleasant this can be to be sick in this way at school so please know that if your child comes to me to mention that they are feeling unwell in the tummy I will ask Mrs Marrell to ring you. I would hate to ask them to wait and then for them to be sick. I am reminding the students to be washing their hands before they eat in an attempt to limit the spread.

I do know that it can be very hard to organise at times, but I ask you to keep your child at home if they have experienced any as…