Week 3

Good afternoon and welcome to Week 3.

Congratulations to those Reconciliation candidates and Prayer Buddies that came along to our family mass and Reconciliation Enrollment Service on Saturday night.  Thanks for the great feedback and well done to kids on their commitment and behaviour afterwards.

Our Learning
This week we will be working on writing persuasive paragraphs. We have been learning about modality and will use this to be more persuasive in our writing. In Maths, we are working on place value and how we can flexibly use this to help answer questions.  Your child should have brought home their model that shows the way the earth and moon move in the sky.

Children have glued their spelling and reading logs into their homework books.  Please support your child to complete their 10 minutes reading per night and their spelling words. Students also have their mental maths  book in which to complete Unit 3 this week.  

If your child is struggling with their homework due to understanding, please let me know.  

Thanks for your ongoing support
Sean McSevich


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