Welcome to 3Mc

Welcome to the 2019 school year, and especially welcome to Year 3Mc.  Hopefully you have a wonderful and refreshing school holidays!  This blog will be used as one of the many forms of communication this year, so please check regularly.

Children have set up their homework scrapbooks which will come home today.  This week homework consists of a reading log and their mental maths homework book Unit 1.  Students should read for at least 10 minutes per night and spend 10 minutes per night on their mental maths.  Please complete the reading log in their scrapbooks to record their reading. If your child is struggling with their homework due to understanding, please let me know.  

Swimming lessons - Lessons will be during week 7.  I will send further information closer to the date. 

Sport uniform - Our sport days are Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday your child should wear the teal sport uniform and Friday is Faction T-shirt day.  We will be sharing sport with the other Year 3 class.

On another note, please ensure that your child has their hair tied back of their collar and that they are wearing black school shoes on formal uniform days.  More information on the uniform is available from www.ladyofcape.wa.edu.au 

Library - Our Library day is Wednesday, so please assist your child to remember their library bag on Wednesday.

Music - Music will be on Thursday, so if you have not sent in your child's recorder, please do so by then. 

I will put out another blog later this week with upcoming dates for reconciliation meetings and our parent information night.

Once again, Welcome and have a great day,

Mr McSevich 


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