Week 9

Good afternoon parent,

Welcome to week 9 

This week we begin celebrating Holy Week.  Holy Week is a very important time in the Catholic faith as we remember and celebrate the events leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection.

This week we will finish our work on Persuasive Writing, before moving onto Narrative.  In Maths we are working on division and its relation to multiplication.

In Science we completed a Kahoot quiz and planned a sundial watch that we will be constructing next Monday.  Students need to bring the materials required to construct their watches, so please support your child by talking about and reminding them to bring the materials they need by Monday.

Easter Egg Raffle - Please make sure that you have brought in your donation for the raffle which will be held on Thursday. Your child ha been given their raffle tickets. If you would like to be in the raffle, please return one half of the tickets with your family name clearly written on each ticket and $5. I will be collecting the raffle tickets for 3Mc as this year we are having major prizes drawn for each year group.
All money raised during this time is donated to Project Compassion.
Each morning the whole school will be gathering together to reflect on the events of this important week. We will have a small and reverent reflection presented by each class in the hall every morning beginning at 9am.

Parent Teacher Interviews - I have placed a schedule up on the door of our class. Please write down your name on a time that suits if you have not already. They will be held on Monday to Thursday this week.

Homework this week includes spelling, Mental math unit 9 and reading.


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