Welcome to Year 3

Good morning parents,

Welcome to Year 3, hopefully you have a wonderful and refreshing school holidays!  This blog will be used as one of the many forms of communication this year, so please check regularly.

Day 1 Term 1
Your child will need to come dressed in their formal summer uniform.  We have Physical Education with Mrs Sinclair on Thursday and on Friday we will go out for sport, so sports uniforms on Thursday and Friday. 

StationaryAll class stationery (pencils, crayons, scissors etc.) will need to be brought to school and put in your child's tray.  I have a storage pocket for headphones with your child's name on it.  Over the course of the week, we will be placing book labels on our exercise books and moving them to subject boxes.  Please ensure that all equipment is appropriately labelled (including hats, drink bottles, bags etc.)

New Bell TimesDoors open: 8:30  
School commences: 8:40
Recess: 10:40am - 11:00am
Lunch: 1:00pm - 1:40pm
End of School Day: 3:00pm for everyone, including pick up lane & bus.

Please ensure that your child is at school by 8.40am. If you arrive at school after 8.40am, parents are required to attend the office first with your child to sign in and pick up a Late Pass.  This pass must then be given to the class teacher. 

New Policy for Early LeavingThis is a new OLC policy regarding early leaving.  It works in a similar manner to the process that occurs should you arrive after the start of the day. If you wish to collect your child early from school, you are required to come to go to the office first, collect a Parent Pass and then hand this to the classroom teacher as you collect your child. 

Once again, Welcome and have a great day,

Mr McSevich 


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