Week 2

Welcome to week 2!
I trust that everyone survived week 1! I know that there were many tired children around the school Friday...it will take a little getting used to being back at school!

Parent Information Night 
This week we have our parent Information Night (Tuesday) starting at 5pm.  I will run a 20 minute session in class, followed by Mr Lee talking in the Hall for 20 minutes, then I will finish with a repeat of my initial 20 minute session.  The idea is that you only need to attend one of the classroom sessions where I will discuss how my class works.  I will also put the slides up on this blog for you to refer back to if needed or if you are unable to attend.

Science Mobiles
Last week we designed our science mobiles that we will be making to represent the sun, earth and moon.  If your child needs to bring anything in to make this, please do so for tomorrow.

I had initially planned to commence homework this week, however there are changes to how homework will work this year across the school.  As such I have decided to wait until next week so that I can discuss and answer any questions regarding homework tomorrow night.  I have told the children that much like last week, they need to be reading as there is no spelling or maths homework for this week.

Have a great afternoon

Mr McSevich 


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