Week 3 - Homework

Good afternoon parents.

Wednesday in class we will be working on describing setting in our narratives.  To assist and ensure that we are prepared for the lesson, please assist your to child watch the video below and select an image from the attached Abandoned places gallery. Please ask your child to come to school Wednesday with the name of the abandoned place they have chosen.  It would also assist your child if you are talking about the things in the pictures you can see, hear, feel and touch and using adjectives to help describe them. The attached video shows how to complete the Y-chart plan, however I do not expect this to be completed at home.


Today we have prepared our homework books.  In the book we have glued the homework grid, spelling words and mental maths questions.  I have also sent home our readers and some addition and subtraction flash cards to assist in rapid recall.  The instructions for the grid are fairly self explanatory and we have discussed the grid at length in class.  However, if you have questions with regard to the use of the grid, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Later in the week I will also unload a video for the students to watch that shows how we turn out Y-chart planning into writing a very descriptive piece.  The purpose of these videos is to trigger prior knowledge and come to class the following day with some knowledge of what will be expected.  In class we will be running through what is expected and how to achieve this.

Swimming note
If you have not returned your child's swimming note, please do so as they need to be collated and forwarded to the swimming instructors.  I am sending home additional notes to day.

Incursion and Excursion note
I am also sending home copies of the Incursion and Excursion note.  Please complete and return this as soon as possible.


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